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Empowering Women to Unleash Their Potential


The athletic Mama Program

Discover the Athletic Mama: a comprehensive support system tailored for every stage from pregnancy to postpartum. Our unique blend of virtual education, personalized workouts, and in-person therapy offers flexibility and convenience, ensuring you receive the care you need on your terms. Say farewell to the limitations of traditional therapy and embrace a holistic approach at a comparable cost. Unlock the full potential of your motherhood journey with the Athletic Mama.

The empowered woman Program

Begin your journey with the Empowered Woman program: a transformative 3-month path to overcoming pelvic floor dysfunction and reclaiming your active lifestyle. Seamlessly integrate virtual resources with personalized in-person therapy to maximize flexibility and effectiveness, all at a cost comparable to traditional care. Rediscover your strength and confidence with the Empowered Woman program.


Performance physical therapy

Welcome to Performance Physical Therapy, where Dr. Amanda specializes in reducing pain, building capacity through exercise, and refining lifting techniques. Through a thorough assessment, Dr. Amanda uncovers the underlying issues, crafting a personalized plan to alleviate pain and promote lasting strength and resilience. Elevate your fitness journey with our precise and personalized care.

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