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Mountain Range
Mountain Range

EMpowering Women to unleash their potential

Specialized Pelvic Floor Therapy for Women's Health


Ascend was born out of the recognition of the flaws in the traditional healthcare system. Determined to revolutionize how physical therapy is provided, Ascend Physical Therapy places you at the heart of care while walking alongside you to achieve your goals. Bridging the gap between pelvic floor rehab and returning to high level activities like running, jumping, and heavy lifting is our passion. This isn't your mom's pelvic floor physical therapy. This is physical therapy reimagined.


Meet Our Specialist


Dr. Amanda Simmons, PT, DPT

Dr. Amanda specializes in all things women's health. She is passionate about empowering women to unleash their potential, whether that be training for motherhood during pregnancy, returning to high level activities in postpartum, or overcoming pelvic floor dysfunction in daily life. She enjoys all aspects of fitness,  but wants every women to feel strong and empowered. Dr. Amanda believes when nothing is holding women back, they are unstoppable. 


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist instructing pregnant woman on exercise

The Athletic Mama Program

Experience the Athletic Mama: tailored support from pregnancy to postpartum, blending virtual education, personalized workouts, and in-person therapy for flexibility and convenience. Say goodbye to traditional therapy constraints and hello to comprehensive care at a comparable cost. Unlock your motherhood journey with the Athletic Mama.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist instructing woman on core exercise

The empowered woman Program

Embark on the Empowered Woman program: a 3-month journey to conquer pelvic floor dysfunction and reclaim activities like running and heavy lifting. Blend virtual resources with personalized in-person therapy for flexibility and effectiveness, all at a comparable cost to traditional care. Reclaim your strength and confidence with the Empowered Woman. 

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist instructing woman on weight lifting exercise

Performance Physical Therapy

Welcome to Performance Physical Therapy, where Dr. Amanda's expertise shines in reducing pain and building capacity by optimizing lifting techniques. Dr. Amanda delves deep to identify the root cause of your concerns, ensuring a tailored plan that not only alleviates pain but also fosters enduring strength and resilience. Elevate your fitness journey with personalized care and precision.


Hope D.

Amanda is a miracle worker. I came in around 5-6 months pregnant feeling pretty miserable and debilitated from sciatica and lower back pain. She gave me a few exercises to do and it’s helped me a lot since then. Now I’m almost 9 months along and I still haven’t had any issues with sciatica or my lower back. This has been a very difficult pregnancy and through it all she’s helped me not only with my pain but also taught me a lot of exercises and positions to make birth easier, helped me find a birth educator and to get a doula to help ease the anxiety of giving birth for the first time. She’s very knowledgeable about anatomy and what kind of exercises and positions help with pain, but her kindness, compassion and giving nature are what really stick with me. I see doctors at the hospital 4-5x a week because my pregnancy is high risk and not one of them sticks out to me as much as Amanda does because she’s always tons more thorough and warmhearted than any of my doctors and I never feel like just another digit in a sea of faceless numbers as I do in the hospital. If you’re having pain, I would highly recommend seeing her because she is truly fantastic at what she does.

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